3 Impactful Ways to Foster Connection Among Employees

3 Impactful Ways to Foster Connection Among Employees

In 2022, Gallup reported that the number of actively disengaged employees rose to 18%. This is not good news when you consider that a disengaged employee is 2.3x more likely to be exploring other jobs! And the culprit? A lack of solid connection at work!

Employee engagement is a measure of employees’ commitment to helping their organization achieve its goals. It’s demonstrated by how employees think, feel, and act, as well as the emotional connection employees feel towards their organization, their work, and their teams.

Prior to 2020, engagement and well-being were rising globally for nearly a decade — but now, they’re stagnant, and most believe it’s because they have less opportunity to build meaningful connection at work. Now is no time to take our eyes off the road, especially when it comes to your distributed knowledge workers’ personal and professional well-being. Addressing the structural and cultural issues that have limited connection and created disengagement in your organization is the first step to laying the foundation for a new and better employee experience.

Not to scare you further, but research out of LinkedIn also shows that 70 percent of the global workforce is passive talent, and more than half would consider leaving for the right opportunity. So basically, everyone is a flight risk!

The good news is that one of the most important and impactful solutions takes into account the fact that work life and personal contentment aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, everything – including employee engagement and retention – improves when we bring the two into alignment through deeper connection at work.