Humantelligence Named "Overall Team Collaboration Solution of 2024"

Humantelligence Named "Overall Team Collaboration Solution of 2024"

MIAMI, FL —JUNE 20, 2024 — Humantelligence (HT), a leader in collaboration technology, won RemoteTech Breakthrough’s 2024 Overall Team Collaboration Solution of the Year — recognizing the company’s new approach to one-to-one and team communication and collaboration for its ability to solve pressing human resources needs, successfully deliver results, and strengthen the employee experience. Humantelligence’s Smarter Collaboration is team collaboration tech that is designed to increase human connection and make work feel more human.

RemoteTech Breakthrough is part of the Tech Breakthrough organization, which specializes in 13 technology markets, serves more than 200 brands, and conducts market research and recognition programs in today’s most competitive technology sectors, including IoT, Cybersecurity, AgTech, Mobile/Wireless, Digital Health, FinTech, HR and the Remote Work sector. With more than a thousand product submissions from around the globe, this year’s awards reflect the world’s best technology solutions for distributed teams, including fellow award recipients Deel, Eptura, Gusto, Mitel, Remote, RingCentral, Slack, and Workday.

In addition to its ease of use, quick implementation, and ability to optimize collaboration for remote and hybrid teams, judges were impressed with Humantelligence’s ability to surface personalized communication insights through the tools organizations use every day: Microsoft Teams®, Outlook®, Gmail®, Zoom®, Webex®, Slack® and calendars.

When drafting an email, chatting with a colleague, or joining a meeting, the add-on automatically delivers useful, customized tips for more effective communication and collaboration between team members. With Humantelligence’s Smarter Collaboration, leaders can create more balanced and diverse teams, reduce friction between team members, and improve productivity. Current clients, including BASF, Bank of the West, Honda, and others, have improved team effectiveness and employee engagement while maximizing investment in their current communication tools.

“In an increasingly complex world of work, effective communication and collaboration can no longer remain dependent on in-person interactions. We know it’s important for human resource, technology leaders and managers to empower employees with the kind of tools that enable more effective collaboration and team performance,” said Humantelligence’s CEO, Juan Betancourt.

“Our tools are designed to fast-track belonging for new hires, increase human connection and emotional intelligence for leaders and employees, and build teams based on inclusive communication,” said. Our goal is to make every moment of interaction between employees valuable. When individuals are seen, heard, and valued, employees become more deeply engaged and performance increases – it’s a win-win for everyone and we’re honored to be recognized.”

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