Customer Stories

Customer Stories

  • ACS

    ACS increased hiring effectiveness using powerful behavioral science and an integrated talent acquisitions tracking process to place higher-quality, better-suited candidates into roles, resulting in more productive teams and significant time savings.

  • Ashley Furniture Industries
    Ashley Furniture Industries

    Ashley Furniture streamlines talent acquisition processes by establishing AI-based talent fit benchmarks, eliminating interviewing & hiring subjectivity and biases, and using data strategically to fill team gaps and bolster productivity.

  • Banesco

    Banesco uses culture analytics strategically to reshape internal team makeup and align it with its digitally transformed client experience, while integrating emotional intelligence data into communication tools for more meaningful collaboration.

  • Bank of the West
    Bank of the West

    Bank of the West applies culture analytics and data aggregation to accurately measure culture at the divisional and company levels to identify value-add hires and internal leaders, enhance communication and collaboration, and improve productivity across the organization.

  • daVinci

    daVinci Payments maximizes organizational effectiveness by centralizing individual & team culture analytics, emotional intelligence data, performance feedback, and engagement survey data to make better personnel and operational decisions.

  • Honda

    Honda motivates and increases employee engagement by delivering actionable, targeted content designed to help employees grow, communicate more effectively, and increase the productivity of teams.

  • Hunt Refining
    Hunt Refining

    Hunt Refining redefines its culture using robust behavioral analytics to establish baseline team cultures, aligning teams’ unique goals and strategies to a target culture, and then achieving desired outcomes through intentional learning and development.

  • Stine Seed
    Stine Seed

    Stine Seed leverages target profiles and ‘fit factors’ to predict candidate performance success and assess culture fit – cloning high performers, reducing turnover, and cutting costs of misaligned hires.