Using your HR Tech Stack to Enhance Employee Engagement

Using your HR Tech Stack to Enhance Employee Engagement

Teams — newly forming, growing, and reconfiguring — were supercharging organizations’ ability to pivot and get work done amid turbulent and demanding conditions. Teaming became an organizational life raft during COVID-19 because teams are often built for adaptability rather than predictability and stability. Teams can learn and adapt faster than individual workers alone, since teams of motivated individuals will challenge each other to come up with better, more creative ideas. But what seems to have taken a back seat is the actual employee experience and a focus on how to enhance employee engagement. 

Much of the work to enable teaming within organizations was left to IT. As chief information officers and their teams figured out how to drive innovation amid uncertainty, many realized that effective digital transformation requires much more than just implementing new technologies or processes. In IDG’s Market Pulse survey, featuring data from 215 IT and operations leaders, respondents agreed that having “an organizational culture that doesn’t easily adapt to changing business conditions” was named the top reason why digital transformation efforts fail, beating out IT budget constraints and operations backlogs. 

As workforce models have continued to evolve over the last three years, IT is now charged with partnering across functions with HR to support a modern, digital employee experience that enables productivity, teaming, and collaboration from wherever an employee works. And that could mean anywhere! 

McKinsey’s American Opportunity Survey of 25,000 American workers shows that 87 percent of people are looking for flexible, remote or hybrid working arrangements. This data suggests organizations should be investing in supercharging their teams — now in the context of permanently remote or hybrid work models — if they want to drive success and growth. To do it, future-thinking organizations have become increasingly determined to better support fully remote teams or teams that include both on-premise and remote employees – and this requires HR and IT to work hand in hand to enhance employee engagement.

This guide is for HR and IT leaders looking to partner in order to enhance  employee engagement: building, repairing, or strengthening teams in order to boost team effectiveness and the overall employee experience. With the right strategies and technology in place, you can better support team members in remote or hybrid working environments, enable more effective collaboration, and enhance employee engagement so that your organization’s teams can power growth and success.

In this guide, we explore:

  • Today’s State of Engagement & Collaboration
  • Remote & Hybrid Work
  • Critical Areas to Address
  • Maximizing Investment in Your Current Communication Tools 
  • HR Tech Considerations