Start recruiting with less subjectivity and more productivity.

Our TalentFit Recruiting tool uses a cutting-edge self-assessment with data analytics to streamline the entire recruiting process by 31%, eliminates subjectivity for assessing “culture fit”, and helps you hire for predictive performance.


HT Self-Assessment

Unlike a questionnaire that asks for opinions, knowledge or skills, we uncover the WHY, HOW and WHAT about people when it comes to work.

  • 15-minute online Self-Assessment that can be taken on desktops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Its four lenses provide a holistic view of life priorities, work motivators, work behaviors and ideal work preferences.
  • Communications do’s and don’ts, informing how a person prefers and is able to communicate with others.
  • delivers off-the-shelf tips for leaders on how to motivate, lead, and communicate with every employee.

HT Profile

Instant clear and valuable insights to maximize each individual's potential, that can be shared and compared with others to improve communications and build better relationships.


Talent Fit Hiring

A powerful Applicant Tracking System that allows companies to hire the right candidates, beyond their skills, but also for their fit to the Corporate Culture


Culture Analytics

Find out the culture of your teams and overall organization so you can build a winning one that aligns with your business goals.

Action Management System ® (AMS)

Align and motivate employees around key specific strategic goals, organization-wide, delivering fast, measurable business results.

Pulse Surveys

Get instant and consistent engagement, business and market feedback from your employees


Team Coach

Build highly performing and engaging teams.